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R & D

Technical Developments

MPT(Micro Pattern Treatment) Technology

MPT.pdf Download

Dual Side QFN : Requested by Infineon, German / TI, USA, Applied to Smart Phone

SPM (Smart Power Mobile) : Under Development for Nex-Gen EV from HMC

Flip Chip Bonding and Clip Bonding

DSC Package : Under Development - Semiconductor for EV

D/A and Wire Bonding

Attaching of Top/Bottom Substrate

Mold and Singulation

LTCC Package : Under Development (SiC + Al Soldering : 8x8x1.27mm)

TO-252 : Under Development (Cu Sintering, Al Soldering)

Al Pad Metal + Al Soldering + Cu Clip

48V MHSG Case Module (for H Company, EV Car)

6.5KV Case Module (for U Company, SiC Device)

DSC PKC Development using Ultrasonic Welding

Advanced PKG for 5G application (JMJ’s patent)

5G and 6G application (JMJ’s patent)

1700V, 250A case module using Full SiC with clip

1400V, High Power TO-247